DeathTrap @ Tjurruset, Karlstad, Sweden 150912


We will for the 3rd year in a row play the running contest Tjurruset (

For more information check out our Facebook event

DeathTrap @ Tjurruset

DeathTrap @ Tjurruset

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Store is open

Check out our store.
Buy something and support us.

T-shirt – 100SEK // €11 //$13
Cassette (including download code) – 50SEK // €5.50 // $6.50
Black or white pin – 10SEK // €1 // $1.50
Bundle (T-shirt, Cassette, Pin) – 150SEK // €16 // $20

For pictures and instructions on how to make a purchase, go the the ”Store” section.

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Tour over

Tour over and back to life again.
To arrange a tour, even a small one as 5 days and 3 gigs, takes a lot of effort and a lot of people are involved. We are humbled by all of you around us that have supported us in any way and we will try to list your name below. If you are forgotten, please let us know and we’ll add you.

Thomas, Edoardo and Davide from Dysmorfic. It was awesome to hang with you, play with you and to have you as guests in Scandinavia. Also a big shout out to Alessandra for hanging with us and for all the funny youtube videos.

Daniel and Blitz Booking for setting up the gig.
Café Blitz for providing one of the coolest venues out there.
Björn for the fucking amazing sound.
Higgs Boson and Diskord for ripping it up and playing with us.
Snorre, Ninja, Daniel (again) and all the other guys at Blitz for making awesome food (Vegan for life!).
Kikken from Livstid for coming out to hang with us and grab a beer, and Henrik for the support (we will send you your shirt you drunk fuck).

Mikael, Miika and the other guys from Klubb Nocturnal/Klubb Paska for setting up a gig and finding the awesome place Ichiban. Keep doing what you do! DIY FTW!
The boss and the staff at Ichiban for being nice to us, serving good food and letting us grind in their restaurant.
Ratad for showing us what Alingsås-grind really is. Stoked! We’ll hook up again!
The fantastic Erik for having us as guest and being one of the active guys on the dance floor during the gig. (Hope those ribs are intact dude).
Libbe and Mia for support!

Klubb Motvals for setting up the gig.
Båten (Andree, Martin and the rest of the staff) for having us and providing an awesome venue! And for making the truly best food in Karlstad. Go there and eat ffs!
Ävbrött för making us believe and understand that jeans will never go out of style, fastcore is the way to heaven and that you can actually have a piñata at a grind core gig(!)
Klas and Karin for letting us stay in their house and for providing breakfast and an insane (but happy) dog.

Sakk for all the contacts and the effort you put in to this.
Mabi for renting us a van that was low consumption in fuel, didn’t break down and was affordable.
All the people lending us stuff like sleeping gear, cameras, backline and other stuff: Rebecca and Christer, Magnus and Ellinor, Jennifer and Tobias, Emil, Marcus, Robert H, Robert B.
Sara, Anne and Mira for support and for being ok with middle-aged men living the dream.

A big thank you from 3 exhausted guys.


//Niklas, Björn and Robert

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Official tour flyer!

A blaze in the northern grind

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Release and more gigs

– Release
Finally we can announce that our new release is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes!!!
The release is Called ”You pollute my world” and is released digital on the label Ofog och Motvals –
Physical release will follow.
15 blistering tracks with the characteristc death/grind/d-beat that is DeathTrap. We are so proud of this.


– More gigs!
We are also happy to announce a mini tour together with legendary Italian grinders Dysmorfic.
Nov 27th @ BLITZ BOOKING, Cafe Blitz, Oslo
Nov 28th @ TBA
Nov 29th @ Klubb Motvals, Båten, Karlstad

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New gig/Recording update

New gig:

Våldsamt Motstånd [SE], Bombatölcér [CZ], DeathTrap [SE], Bricanyl Turbuhaler [CZ] @ Båten, Karlstad 140913

Våldsamt Motstånd [SE], Bombatölcér [CZ], DeathTrap [SE], Bricanyl Turbuhaler [CZ] @ Båten, Karlstad 140913

We will play Karlstad on september 13th @ Båten together with:
Våldsamt Motstånd [SE]
Bombatölcér [CZ]
Bricanyl Turbuhaler [CZ]

The facebook event:

All songs (15 of them) have been mixed and mastered. One more round of mix/master to correct smaller things will be done and then we are ready for release. Artwork and some technical and economical bits are still to be fixed. Probably end of August.

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New singer/Recording/New gig

1) Unfortunately Christoffer has parted ways with the band. Niklas will do the screaming for now. Anyone interested in the vocal spot in the band let us know. Female vocalists are extra welcome.

2) Recording continues and artwork is being produced. Release is imminent.

3) We will play at Rock Im Stadspark in Arvika on June 6th.


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New gig feb 28th w Livstid [NO] in Arvika!

Livstid [NO]

February 28th
Arvika, Sweden
Venue TBA


Flyer - Livstid Deathtrap 140228

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Lyric video released!

Update 1/2 this friday!

Below you can find the new video from DeathTrap for the song ”NEJ!”.

It’s a statement in the debate about consent to sexual activity. This debate is very actual in Sweden today in part because the patriarchal justice system is truly fucked up.

No means no … every fucking time.
Simple as that.

NEJ! – DeathTrap [Lyric video]

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DeathTrap will destroy Munkfors March 7th and Arvika March 12th as part of the competition Livekarusellen.

Event page for Munkfors @ Facebook:

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